To be able to use Mywork Easy, each user must install the application:

  • On the XEROX printer via the App Gallery
  • On the user's smart phone (mobile app on Apple Store or Google Play)
  • Optionally, on the user's computer in order to send files directly from computer (Windows application available on request) 

Note : if you have received admin account (, to use Mywork Easy, you need to create account in your backend :

On Xerox Printer

Link to App in App Gallery

ConnectKey 3.5  printer configuration (except VERSALINK & ALTALINK)


  • Additional accounting options

  • Click on "Edit"


  • Choose "Network accounting", then click on Save

  • Editing the user Accounting Prompts

  • Click on "No" for 1 and 2, then Save

  • Click on "Edit" Accounting Workflow

  • Check that the various options are on "Usage Capture" (as shown above)

  • Go to Services / Stream Scan / Remote Start (TWAIN) and check "Enabled"

  • Go to Services / Scan / Default values and strategies and choose "Uppercase letters ..."

     VERSALINK & ALTALINK printer configuration


  • Go to Allow / Accounting Method / Network / Edit

  • Click Edit tracking information

  • Configure as shown in the image above

  • Go to Apps / EIP Settings and allow to start work using the remote program.



Mobile Applications

The following are the different links to store applications


Application Windows

Dowload last version Here